Release: Policy Council Formed to Find Solutions

The York County Policy Council (YCPC) was founded in 2017 to offer thorough, independent, and nonpartisan policy research and analysis to be referenced by elected officials, political candidates, the media, and civil society organizations.

At a time of strong polarization in politics, there is a void for nonpartisan organizations to offer independent analysis, moderate discussions between partisan sides, and strive to find solutions that will best serve the public. It is our hope that the York County Policy Council will fill that void.

To achieve the Council’s mission, the YCPC team is working to offer relevant news to the community on social media, publish policy briefs on most pressing and current issues, provide public education through open and free events, and more.

A team of young professionals, current college students, and recent graduates all of whom share a strong commitment to public service has been assembled. Team members bring various experience, from journalistic skills to legislative work to political campaign involvement to communications background.

To get in touch with the Council’s team, please visit the ‘Contact’ page. To read more about team members or find out how to get involved, please visit the ‘About’ page. We hope you will join us on our journey to hold sensible dialogue and foster understanding.